You Wouldn’t Organise Your Wedding In Only 12 Weeks, Would YOU?

So Why Design Your Pre And Post Bridle Body In Only 12 Weeks?

chachingThe idea of Xcentuate’s Wedding program is to help you remain stress free, relaxed and in control, we understand planning your wedding can be stressful and keep you very busy, and we also understand the importance of the Bride and Groom and their bridal party to look and feel their best.

Our team will assist you through combining a realistic exercise program, and Healthy eating habits that are practical for your lifestyle. Xcentuate Personal Training can create a program specific to your needs and goals, whether it is weight loss, toning, increased energy, or general fitness. The wedding program can involve one on one personal training sessions, Bride and Groom personal training and or get the bridesmaids involved for a Wedding Party group training session.

This program is a great way to get your future husband involved and your bridesmaids or mother to be, you can all work train hard, eat healthy and keep it each other accountable all this and have fun too. Don’t leave it too late, make this a lifestyle change, a great way to start your lives together, healthy, fitter, stronger, and HAPPY.

Read below how we helped Emma Raphael look Radiant on her wedding day

dressAlbeit I wore the largest hoop possible, and carried approximately 7.5kgs of tulle, lace and beading down the aisle, the thought of having thunder thighs, flabby wobbly arms and a un toned belly under my wedding dress, freaked me out no end.

It was approx 12 months prior to my big day, that I was referred to Xcentuate Personal Training Studio to ensure that this was NOT the case!

Having always been an active person, and walked, jogged and exercised regularly, I thought I was doing enough to get the results, although it was brutally evident that I was not!

So I put my fears and pride aside, and bit the bullet and turned up to my first group class at the Stones Corner Studio.

To my surprise, I didn’t cry, I didn’t get picked on, I was not made to feel like the fattest, most unfit person in the group.

In fact, Ben, Michael, Landon and the crew were the complete opposite! They welcomed me with open arms, educated me on what I need to do not just now to get rid of the weight and tone up; but for the rest of my life, to ensure I get the best out of my life, and look the best that I can.

I have learnt so much from the Xcentuate team, how to eat correctly and incorporate “bad days” (or weekends in my case!) and then how to combat that when back on schedule with healthy eating, and regular weight loss and toning exercises!

I lost approx 8kgs with the crew, and toned my flabby arms, and felt like a beautiful princess on my wedding day, but the team has taught me so much more than just what I needed for my day. They have taught me life time skills that I am incredibly grateful for.

The team at Xcentuate, will teach you, guide you, never EVER make you feel like a fat failure and I cannot thank them enough for their support and counseling thru this time!

I am now lucky enough, to call them my very close friends and whole hearted recommend you get in contact with them so that you too, can look trim taught and terrific for your special day.

If you are unsure, uncomfortable or would just like to chat about Xcentuate and the crew, I am more than happy for you to ask Ben for my phone number and I can tell you face to face all about their fantastic support and their service!

Good luck and have fun! Let Xcentuate help you enjoy your special day – Love Em

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