I just wanted to send a few words on how blessed I have been over the last 8 months since I started with the team at Xcentuate.

As someone who has always kept fit and healthy, I thought by me going walking and to the gym once or twice a week, I was doing enough to keep weight at bay and hopefully lose weight!

But after years of doing the same thing and never ever achieving any results, I knew it was time to try something different. Unfortunately I had been burnt with the idea of a “Personal Trainer” as from my past experience, they have been anything BUT personal! The trainers I had in the past were more interested in looking at themselves in the mirror and cookie cut the programme for me and every other client they had was on the same programme.

When I first spoke with Michael at a business meeting, he struck a chord with me and explained how much he actually cares about seeing his clients reach their goals and works with them in a future minded basis, not just week to week. I was at my witts end with it all, and with my wedding around the corner, what better time to take Michael up and start on the August 2009 8 Week challenge. The first session saw me wanting to run to the bathroom and be sick, but i walked away in a positive light knowing that this is why I had not lost any weight for the last 5 years, because I had never pushed myself to this level – the level you need to see results!

I now have referred many of my friends to the team including my gorgeous Fiancé whom I have noticed a massive change in his physical and mental approach to exercise and life in general. I had never realised how MUCH of an impact being healthy and fit impacted on my whole life until I joined the team at Xcentuate. My relationship with my soon to be husband is the best it has ever been, I love life more than I ever had, and I cannot wait until the next one on one session or group class with Xcentuate.

You are all like our family and I love seeing all your smiling faces when I bound up those stairs!

Thank-you for making me feel like an important member of your team, and not just a fat chick wanting to bust her booty!

P.s get used to me, cause we are in this for life baby!

Emma Raphael, Remax *

I’ve been thinking lately how lucky I was to have heard you talking about the Byron Bay Retreat on the radio that day. Since meeting (and training) with you and Landon, I’m becoming more and more enthusiastic and positive about exercise and healthy living and it’s really been the boost that I needed! I’m really enjoying pushing myself and I’ve knocked off another 3.5kgs since Byron.

How great is that?! I jokingly mentioned at training the other day that I almost don’t want to share you guys with others by spreading the word about what you do, as I feel I’ve stumbled onto something really fantastic! However, the rational and unselfish side of me wants you to continue to grow a successful business. You may not realise it but you guys are much more than just personal trainers!!!

Kym Baulke, Administration at virgin blue *

Thanks for the training and motivational help to complete the bridge to Brisbane run, something I never believed i could have done.

Brad Parmenter *

I can thoroughly recommend Xcentuate Personal Training.  With two sessions a week over nine months, I have improved my fitness and lost over 30kg. With Michael Hewitt of Xcentuate Personal Training, I am achieving the results I wanted and am enjoying the experience.

Charles Londy, Brisbane solicitor *

I was a little intimidated by the idea of personal training at first, but after a number of unsuccessful attempts at utilizing gym memberships, I thought I would give it a go. I like the fact that there is no-one else in the studio while you’re training so you’ll never have to queue for equipment or wonder how some of it actually works. I still had to do the work, but I reached my goals much faster than doing it on my own! Xcentuate provided me with the whole health and fitness package.


Jevena Phelan, Program Coordinator/Teacher *

I would happily refer your business because of your passion to your industry, your Personal Training Studio and willingness of your team to educate your clients on how to shop and eat not just training the hell out of them.


Ratu Lewis, Managing DirectorMargin Media *

Hi this isn’t a query, I’ve just been meaning to write a thank you letter/testimonial for a while now.

I’d just like to say thank you to Xcentuate for introducing me into the world of health, fitness, and well, life generally. I was a lifelong couch potato who didn’t have a clue as to what a gym was. Exactly like Homer Simpson. “A gym? What’s a gym?” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4i8SpNgzA4&feature=kp <— exactly my experience with you guys.

Under the patient, caring and knowledgeable training provided by Ben, I experienced:

– Greater energy levels
– Improved concentration at work and all other aspects of my life and;
– on top of all that I even lost some weight!

Now I may not be entering into any marathons or Swiss Mark Webber Tasmania Challenges, and I know there are others like me who would never do so either. That doesn’t mean I have not learnt a great deal from Xcentuate. I’ve developed lifelong habits in order to add decades to my life as well improving my quality of life. I’m no strongwoman but now I’ll always be on the road to better living. It’s a lifelong journey, might as well make it great.

On top of all that I’ve loved the service you have provided me. If I had walked through the doors of any large chain gym, I would have certainly walked out again. You’ve always made me feel very comfortable and welcome. All whilst maintaining the highest levels of professionalism and enthusiasm. How you’ve put up with my morning grumpiness I don’t know!

All the best.

Yen Luong *


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