Personal Training Position Available


Do you have a Personal Training style that you consider to be better than most?

  1. Are you a self-starter with drive and ambition?
  2. Are you an easy person to get along with?
  3. Do you care about the welfare of others?


If you answered ‘yes’ to the above questions then we would like to consider you to be a Personal Trainer at Xcentuate Personal Training.

Step 1

Download available positions PDFHave a read of our Position Description. It’s on the right in pdf format. If this sounds like something that you’d like to be a part of, then we encourage you to complete the rest of the steps below.

We will contact you about a catch-up chat once you’ve completed all the steps.

Click on the PDF icon to read Our Position Description

Step 2


  • Download the Personality Profile
  •  Save it to your computer
  • Now complete the Personality Profile (ensure you answer all questions)
  • Then make sure you save your answers by saving it again


Click on the Excel icon to download the Personality Profile

Step 3

  • Download the Questionnaire
  • Fill it out (ensure you answer all questions)Download available positions PDF
  • Attach it to the email you’ll be sending me in Step 4 below.


Click on the PDF icon on the right

Step 4

Attach everything required below to an email and send it directly to me at 

  • Cert 4 qualifications in Personal Training
  • Current CPR and First Aid certificates
  • Current Fitness Australia registration and Insurance
  • Any other Personal Training course qualifications
  • CV
  • Completed Personality Profile from step 2
  • Completed Questionnaire from step 3

We will contact you about a catch-up chat once we’ve received your email with all your attachments attached.

Look forward to receiving your email and meeting you 🙂 


Michael Hewitt


Xcentuate Personal Training