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Feel Fitter, Healthier and Stronger both Physically and Mentally

Personal training is great for people who need help to stay motivated to lose weight, get fit and tone up. Our personal trainers work with you to set goals, measure your strengths and weaknesses as well as keep your training routines interesting.

Xcentuate has a personal training studio in Stones Corner not far from Brisbane CBD on the south-side. We will match you with a personal trainer that will suit your exercise and fitness level, as well as measure your improvements along the way. We also show you how to complete each and every exercise to ensure your body is getting the best out of each activity. Let’s face it – if you are putting in the effort to exercise, then you really should ensure you’re using the right muscles so that you achieve your goals sooner.

Many of our existing clients have come to us to lose weight, recover from injury, improve body shape and to get fit – often prior to big events in their life such as an upcoming wedding, a school reunion, or their doctor has told them they need to get fitter.

If you tell us your motivation of why you would like to join our personal training studio, we’ll help you stay focused, get results and achieve your goals. Make a change for the better in your life today and call us on 0417644818 or complete our form to find out more about our personal training packages.

General Questions?

  • Yes, we offer tailored weight loss, fitness, muscle gain and exercise packages
  • Yes, we can provide Nutritional guidance to help lose weight or gain weight if required
  • Yes, we can provide health assessments .... including InBody Body Scans (fat and muscle measurements)
  • Yes, for a small fee you can add group fitness classes to your training. We recommend it!
  • Yes, 30-minutes is definitely enough time for a cracker-jack PT session
  • Yes, we have NO CONTRACTS ..... and flexible training times
  • Yes, our business is a friendly, non-judgmental COMMUNITY environment
  • Yes, both our Indoor and outdoor studios, are well equipped
  • Yes, we have shower facilities

What Happens NEXT?

  • Fill in an enquiry form below
  • We'll contact you within 24 hours
  • Come in for a quick 30-min health chat about your goals
  • Meet us, check us out and get familiar with our facilites
  • Then you can make an informed decision whether or not we're the right Fitness Professionals to help you achieve you health, fitness and wellness goals



Personal Training

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