Xcentuate Personal Training's 2014

30 Day Nutrition Challenge!

80% Of YOUR Body Shape

Is Determined By What You

Put In YOUR Mouth

 ……. So Lets Work On That Part, YOUR NUTRITION?

Benefits To You Of This Program

  • Lose Unwanted Fat and Gain Lean Muscle
  • Fit Back into Your Clothes or Just Start Buying a New Wardrobe
  • You'll Have More Energy (GUARANTEED!)
  • Feel Healthier, Look Healthier
  • Meet Up Weekly to Check on Your Progress
  • Hang Out With Other Like Minded People
  • This Program Will Show You A NEW And Simpler Way To Get All Your Recommended Daily Nutritional Requirements
  • It Will Save You Time ....... And MONEY
  • You'll Be Able To Keep The Weight OFF For Good
  • .............. And No More Diets!

What's You Get In This Program

  • Nutrition Program including Products
  • Starting Measurements and Photo's
  • Weekly Support and Educational Meetups - To Keep You And Everyone Else On Track With The Challenge
  • Ongoing Support Throughout The 30 Days
  • Finishing Measurements and Photo's
  • 2 x FREE Personal Training Sessions (optional)
  • Also Exercise Classes Are Available (optional)
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